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I am pretty much in alignment with the Democrats on all the issues they are “allowed” to talk about. However, there are many issues legislators are NOT supposed to talk about and the main stream news media DARE not report on.  After you see that I am in alignment with Democratic issues, I’d like to point out where there is a stark difference between my self and incumbent, Ted Lieu…these differences lie in the issues Congress thus far have pretty much unanimously decided NOT to address but which are a direct threat to all Americans way of life and is what I will focus on when elected.

So first I will list my stance on the “normal issues” Congress “is allowed” to address and under that please keep reading to see how I differ from ALL other Congressional candidates and especially, incumbent, Ted Lieu.


1) Global warming MUST be addressed, but holistically as opposed to piece meal with the singular focus being vehicle exhaust…please see below, under “WHAT CONGRESS AND MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA IS NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT AND WHAT I WILL FOCUS ON WHEN ELECTED”, #2, for details on geoengineering.

2) Medicare for all (with option to hang on to your current policy as I don’t think governments should dictate or force things on people), tackle health insurance/hospital/pharmaceutical drug price gauging.

3) Immigration reform – NOT in favor of Trumps horrific border policies – AM in favor of protecting LAs and other immigrants and re-instating immigrants rights.

4) More and better quality support for our veterans.

5) Minimum wage should be $15 across the country.

6) I am all for banning fracking and drilling and protecting our natural resources, parks and shores.

7) I am a HUGE animal rights supporter and environmentalist and an advocate for the disabled and the elderly.

8) I am AGAINST AI replacing jobs via 5G, at our ports and elsewhere.


It’s time to wake Congress up out of their corrupt slumber and deal with these hidden, lied about, but very life threatening issues of enormous import that effect us all, whether you are aware of them or not.   I have created separate drop down pages for each of these issues to go into more detail…

1) Health effects from wireless radiation emitting devices and infrastructure and solutions to get us out of this toxic mess.

Knowledge is power but without the knowledge that something is harming you, how can you protect yourself or your loved ones?  The US NTP (National Toxicology Program, part of NIH National Institute of Health, the highest scientific office in the US found “clear evidence of statistically significant carcinogenic effects from wireless radiation exposure”. So why are we ubiquitously and involuntarily exposing entire populations including children to this known carcinogen, neurotoxin and geneotoxin?  I will work to FIX this “carcinogenic/neurotoxic/genotoxic elephant in the wireless room” and other involuntary toxic radiation exposures when elected.  If you are in the wireless industry, don’t worry, I won’t put you out of a job, there is a ton of money to be made in hard wiring toxic wireless.  Here are some excellent websites to get more info on this covered up and lied about issue.

2) Expose the geoengineering programs for what they are…man made, military industrial complex activities privately  and behind closed doors, sanctioned by our government under the guise of “cooling the planet”.


Although it’s of course true that fossil fuels have wreaked havoc on the earth and our echo system and are mainly responsible for global warming, the drastic weather events that we all are now experiencing which are now called “the new normal” are actually produced by something called geoengineering.

So how can we have a real conversation about climate change without also incorporating the hidden geoengineering programs into the picture?  Geoengineering has been the true culprit in these completely artificial, man made “weather events” we as a country have been experiencing, including but not limited to the drought in California, flooding in Miami, Texas and many other states, horrific hurricanes that decimate every single object in its path and now, the unspeakably sad situation of over 1 billion animals burned to death in the fires in Australia.  There are hundreds of patents on it, Congressional documentation and testimony and expert witness testimony on it. If you are not familiar with geoengineering also known as solar radiation management and the slang word “chemtrails”, please check out these excellent and informative websites:

3) Vaccine Safety and Corporate Accountability Bill

Vaccines absolutely CAN cause autism and other neurological and health related problems.  I will work with my fellow legislators to end the tax payer funded bailout of the pharmaceutical industry’s lawsuits when sued by vaccine injured families whose children have been given autism by a vaccine or otherwise harmed.  After all if the pharmaceutical industry is not held to account where is the incentive to make their vaccines safer?

4) End subsidies to harmful industries

As it stands, we the tax payers subsidize enormous for profit industries such as the meat industry, the oil and gas industry, the wireless industry, the list goes on.  Those funds could be put to much better use if spent on education, housing, critical infrastructure needs, social security, better care for our vets, higher pay for our teachers, etc.

5) Work to end “endless wars”

The military industrial complex is a FOR PROFIT INDUSTRY.  We must never forget this.  I would work to end “endless wars” and advocate only for military force as a DEFENSE if we or our allies are attacked.

6) Stand up for the rights of the elderly and disabled.

I myself am disabled.  I am no longer able to function in microwave radiation and become quite ill from it.  I have tried suing on this issue (and continue to sue) but have discovered that if someone discriminates against you and you are disabled, it is extremely difficult to get an attorney to take your case, unless it happened on the job.  If it did not happen on the job, court cases can cost as much as $50,000.  This is just wrong.  Most disabled people have been hurt financially by their disability and could never afford such a luxury as suing the person or place that discriminated against them.  I would bring a bill to toughen laws against people who discriminate against the elderly or disabled and would make it easier for them to seek justice in the courts.

7) Stand up for the environment

Approx. 20 years ago, I headed up the effort to block a parking lot from being put in where I took my dog for his (legal) off leash hikes.  I got a clipboard, collected signatures and was put on the Park Advisory Board that the City Councilman at the time created to deal with the issue.  This turned into a “3 year blood bath” of a fight to protect that park.   That effort was a success and to this day there is still no parking lot in Runyon Canyon Park.  More recently, I sued both Edison and PG&E for health effects from smart meters.  Although we won every hearing, the suits were eventually thrown out due to corruption in the LA Courts.   However, prior to them being thrown out, in response to the suit, PG&E got their Congressman/lobbyist (literally was a PG&E lobbyist prior to taking his seat in Congress) to file a bill in Congress to make Smart grid mandatory in the US.  I immediately gathered a national group of people together, we went to Washington and together with the attorneys on the committee, blocked the bill!  I am a Democrat but my group had a large amount of Tea Partiers because they are staunch defenders of our Constitution and smart meters violate the 4th Amendment – the right to privacy in the home…I digress but my point is I was able to work with those from the “other side of the aisle” to accomplish our mission to block this bill.

8) End Endless Surveillance

Please see our drop down menus for articles and videos on this frightening, Orwellian abuse of our date, including our biometric data.  This is an issue that is in desperate need of oversight yet Congress has been slow to act.

9) Strengthen animal rights

Animals are sentient beings, but are amongst the most abused creatures on the face of the earth.  Our pets also have no value in court as they don’t have any monetary value and are not looked upon as sentient beings.  I will work to change this at the federal level and work to rise awareness to the value of organic, plant based diets for our planet, our own health and these poor creatures who are raised in misery only to meet a horrifying and painful death.

10) Protect and stand up for our Constitution

Congress is impeaching Pres. Trump for violating his oath of office and the US Constitution, however, there are MANY Constitutional rights that are being violated right now by corporate interests but are being ignored by Congress due to their conflict of interest.  Most members are subsidized by these corporations who are violating our rights.  Some of the industries that come to mind are big data and the wireless industry.  How is it that I receive advertisements on the subject of a private conversation I just had on the phone?  This is because the communications industry is illegally eaves dropping on our every email and phone call.  That is a violation of our 4th Amendment right to privacy in the home.  I would work to put an end to this serious violation of our right to privacy and punish those who continue to violate it.  I would also put an end to