Why Won’t Incumbent Ted Lieu TOUCH 5G or GEOENGINEERING?

We believe the reason we were 100% IGNORED by our current Cong. Ted Lieu, despite SO MANY of his constituents telling them they have a cell tower near their home and/or don’t want 5G antennas in front of or near their homes or businesses and will have to move and/or sell their house in order to avoid getting cancer, neurological illness, heart attack stroke, loss of energy, headaches, etc., is due to his enormous CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

According to the above conflict of interest link containing research from Open Secrets, Cong. Ted Lieu took $507,096 from the communications industry and $105,061 from the Defense industry (defense industry is behind geoengineering).  So when Cong. Lieu speaks of steps he is taking to deal with climate change, he will take only the steps he is “allowed to take” which includes ANYTHING except dealing with the non stop climate havoc wreaked by geoengineering.