Health Care

I strongly believe in Medicare for all and will fight for it.  However, I have also been told by some constituents that after paying into their health plans for decades, they’d actually like the option to be able to keep them if they so desired.  I also believe that government should not force anything on anyone.  So I am for Medicare for all with the option for people to also keep their current health plans if they so desire, but new laws re: price gauging need to be put in place re: prescriptions, hospital stays, and of course health care plans and their astronomical premiums.

Preventative health care and alternative healing should also be covered by both the Medicare for all plan and the private insurance carriers, as opposed to merely the typical cut, poison and burn healing methods of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for cancer and other illnesses.

With all the money we pay for health insurance and health care, this is the result…

Children Set to Live Shorter Lives Than Their Parents

Insurer Coughs Up $25,865 for Head Cold Culture Swab. These tests normally would be a little over $600 according to the article.

Pharma and Insurance Gave 36 Million to 33 Dems Not Backing Medicare for All


This is a prime example of what happens when big pharma and the vaccine industry run rampant with unchecked power…

Vaccine Skepticism in Australia Now Punishable by 10 Years in Jail