Tackling Big Pharma

Health Problems in the US – A National Security Threat

Ever since the United States “war on cancer” began, cancer rates have increased so dramatically, that at the rate we are going, not only can 1 out of every 2 Americans expect to get cancer, but within the next couple of decades those numbers are expected to reverse, but not in a good way.  2 cancers for every 1 person is the latest prediction.  I would begin by mandating both preventative and holistic care be covered by health insurance.  I would also outlaw mandatory, involuntary exposures to carcinogens, such as forced microwave radiation exposure (cell towers, smart meters, etc.)

The autism rates are also exploding with no sign at all of slowing down.  I would clean up the vaccine industry, stop the tax payer bail outs for lawsuits, make them take out ingredients in vaccines which are suspected and some would say known to cause autism such as thimerisol and educate parents more on the risks, prior to vaccination of their children.  I would also absolutely outlaw mandatory vaccinations.

The injection of the Gardasil Vaccine is actually mandatory in some places in the US.  This video is a perfect example of why mandatory vaccines is a bad idea and why I will work to stop it.

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